Stem Mastering

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Stem Mastering

Stem mastering by Grooverooms reflects the changes in the way modern music is currently mixed and produced.

Stem mastering!

Whether your just not happy with your existing mix down or you just want to add another dimension to your mix, we will offer not only the service but full mix consultation, giving advice on the overall mix itself before we start the job so the project is in the best possible state to achieve the best possible outcome for the client. The process of stem mixing involves the client submitting their rough mix in stereo stems, this gives me (the mastering engineer) much greater control over your project.

The stems can be provided in a number of ways, it’s entirely up to the client how you would like to mix your stems down. A lot of producers like to bus instruments to groups, so sometimes it’s best to mix those groups as stems or you can provide every track as a single stem, the pricing structure differs on amount of stems submitted.

£50 for fewer than 10 stems

£80 for over 10 stems

£120 for over 25 stems

So we will take your stems and provide a solid and dynamically powerful mix, we use a range of high end software and hardware to achieve this. The process takes place in my treated studio using high end GENELEC Monitoring. Remember stem mastering is not the same as mixing, mixing is a much more in depth service which takes a lot longer than a stem mix we offer this service but as every project is different then prices vary greatly so each project is priced on time and work needed, if you require mix services then please state this in your email


It’s very important that your stems sum (mixed down) to sound identical to your original rough mix in both sound an length.

Please supply 24bit 44.1khz stereo interleaved sound files. If you have a reference track (a track which you would like yours to sound like) please include this with your stems.

Stems can be submitted via internet delivery services such as we transfer etc.

On completion we will provide a 1min snippet of the completed project for you to hear, if you are happy with balance and dynamics then we will take payment and send you your full completed project