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2020-10-07 00:17:01


【亚博提现标准】When the company introduces its latest device Wednesday, everyone will be watching to see if it can maintain the place it has long held as top-selling smartphone in the U.S. Months of purportedly leaked parts and images have generated enthusiasm, driving up Apples stock price. 该公司周三发售最新款手机的时候,所有人都会得失,看它能无法维持寄居长期以来作为美国最畅销智能手机的地位。几个月来,据信是提早泄漏出来的手机零部件和照片早已熄灭了人们的热情,推展苹果股价走高。

But speculation about whether the iPhone─introduced in 2007─can measure up to new devices is brewing. Some bloggers are whining about iPhone fatigue. It will have to be a major step up to keep up with expectations in the media and among consumers, says Rajeev Chand, a managing director at investment bank Rutberg Co. 但早已有人在猜测,2007年首次面市的iPhone还能否匹敌其他一些新手机。一些博客作者在述说他们对iPhone的审美疲劳。投资银行Rutberg Co.的董事总经理昌德(Rajeev Chand)说道,要超过媒体和消费者的希望,就得构建根本性进步。

pple also will be looking to beat back Samsung Electronics Co., which took the top spot in overall global smartphone shipments in the second quarter. 苹果还将想要办法对竞争对手三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)做出开火。三星电子第二季度全球智能手机发货量升到第一。The next iPhone, which has been referred to internally by the code name N41, has been in the works for more than a year, a person familiar with the matter said. Apple is expected to tweak the smartphones shape with a slightly larger screen and a different shell, and it will work with wireless carriers fastest LTE networks and run new mobile software. That software, iOS 6, includes improvements to voice-activated assistant Siri, a new digital-coupon-and-passes service called Passbook, and new call-blocking features, among several others. 一位知情人士说道,新一代iPhone在内部的代码为“N41”,研发工作早已展开了一年多。


预计苹果将调整手机的外形,稍微减少屏幕尺寸,转变手机外壳。新手机将相容无线网络运营商速度最慢的LTE网络,并加装新的手机操作系统iOS 6。


新的系统将还包括改良后的Siri语音助理、新的电子优惠券服务“Passbook”,以及新的调用屏蔽功能等。Consumers have been holding out for the new device, so much so that Apples last quarterly results disappointed investors. Some economists are predicting sales could even bump up the U.S. economy. 消费者仍然在等候这部新手机,实在太苹果最近一个季度的业绩令其投资者深感沮丧。部分经济学家甚至预计新手机的销售可以对整个美国经济起着提振起到。

But whether Apple will satisfy expectations is hard to tell as are the consequences if it doesnt. Almost a year ago, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook introduced the iPhone 4S to a lukewarm reception. Yet the gadget went on to be wildly popular and drove Apples sales and stock to new heights. Apple recently became the most valuable U.S. company in history. 但苹果否能符合人们的希望却很难谈,如果约将近希望不会产生什么后果也很难预料。将近一年前,苹果首席执行长库克(Tim Cook)发售iPhone 4S,反响平平。



Further muddying the picture: Apples shares often dip after product announcements, losing some of the gains they make in the frenzied lead-up. 更为难以捉摸的是,公布产品之后,苹果股价经常暴跌,部分回吐公布前热炒过程中的涨幅。Tim Bajarin, president of research firm Creative Strategies, said competitors will be watching closely for new hardware and software since they will face pressure to match it. 研究公司Creative Strategies的总裁巴扎林(Tim Bajarin)说道,竞争对手不会紧密注意苹果新的发售的硬件和软件,因为它们将面对追上苹果的压力。

Theyll be holding their breath, he said. 他说道,它们不会摒住排便。|亚博提现标准。