Mastering - Mastering Engineer


Grooverooms Audio mastering service will give your track that final balanced sound you require.

The audio mastering process involves the use of surgical and enhancing EQ so the final mix is balanced and full with a tight punchy sound and any resonances removed. We then look at the dynamics of the track using various compression methods to bring out all the fine details and atmosphere. The final stage in the process is limiting, we endeavour to get your track as loud as possible however we will not do this at the risk of loss of dynamics or distortion, so we will always try to maintain the tracks identity and feel and maximise the volume as much as possible using high end plugins to achieve the best possible final stage without distortion. We also run the final Master through analogue summing to warm up the audio as required.

Mastering is always a personal thing and each client requires a different approach, at grooverooms we allow 3 re visits, so you can ask us to re tweak the master to fit your needs at no extra cost. We wont charge our clients until they are satisfied with the work we have done.


Please ensure the file is submitted as a stereo WAV or AIFF at 44.1khz 24bit.

Please if possible remove all plugins from your master chain, if however you feel you would like to leave them on then just make us aware of any processes used on the master bus when you submit your track.


We charge £15 per single track master.

Discounts are available for multi track masters so please ask via email for price on this

If you require more in depth mastering then take a look at our Stem Mixing service.