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Mix and Mastering at Grooverooms Audio

Grooverooms Audio offers mix and mastering services in the UK. We provide a whole range of audio mix and mastering services, all from our  studio based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We have over ten years experience in stem mastering, music production and mastering. Grooverooms Audio mix and master service offers artists and producers the chance to have their songs mixed with fresh ears. Not everyone has high end monitors or great sounding rooms so mixing can become tiresome and overshadow the creative process, stem mastering is fast becoming an affordable and helpful solution to this as it gives the engineer greater control over the final product. What we will do is take your stems and fix any problem within the mix process, from simple balancing of frequency’s to more in depth surgical eq and compression, the beauty of stems is it gives us greater control over the project than just a standard Master.

At Grooverooms we are not about showing off our gear, great gear does not mean great mix’s, great ears and an understanding of musical context is what leads to a great mix or a final master. We are confident in our services, so much so that if you dont like what we have done, then you do not pay, we take no payment upfront. We will submit a snippet of the final work to our clients and if you are not happy then no payment is made.

We do use high end Prism conversion and Genelec monitoring along with a host of top range plugins from UAD, Slate Digital, Fabfilter and Waves.

Our clients have included:


Speakerbox Records


Gina Kushka

Haze Records


CJ Beatz

Wide Awake


ALL STEMS MUST BE SENT 44.1 kHz 24 BIT STEREO (Unless otherwise requested)

Please get in touch if you have any questions about mix and mastering services from Grooverooms Audio